• Environmentally friendly erosion control solution
  • Will not break down- Will last for years- Can be reused
  • Interlocking design makes installation easy- Stack, Stake or Glue
  • ECO-BLOK™ PRODUCTS, The perfect sandbag replacement

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  No focus groups. No consultants. No MBA's.

Just two guys looking out over a large field of broken sandbags as one says,  "There has got to be a better way, and whoever figures it out is going to have a great business."

After some divine intervention, the seeds of the company started to take root. After many cups of Starbucks coffee and very early morning meetings, lots of patience, prayer, and paperwork Eco-Blok™, LLC was formed in 2001. The company was awarded a grant from  the California Integrated Waste Management Board to commercialize Eco-Blok™ and accelerate the use of recycled tires.

Barrier-Blok™ was introduced to the public in early 2003 at the International Erosion Control Show in Las Vegas, followed by the addition of the Filter-Blok ™ at the APWA show in San Diego later in the year. The response was outstanding and the company was off and running.

  Our goals remain the same:

  • Provide innovative, practical and viable uses for recycled materials; using recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Manufacture products of the highest quality, providing complete customer satisfaction before and after the sale
  • Operate as good stewards of the resources entrusted to us
  • Deal with our customers, vendors and employees with integrity and respect
  • Be compassionate members of our community, supporting those in need

We are excited as we look forward to expanding our business both domestically and internationally, adding products that help the environment and our communities.

  Your support and enthusiasm for our products is humbling and appreciated

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