• You'll have the edge when you have to control flood waters
  • Will not break down- Will last for years- Can be reused
  • No more last minute rush to fill sandbags
  • ECO-BLOK™ PRODUCTS, The perfect sandbag replacement

Flood Control

You don't know when it will happen. You don't know where.

Eco-Blok™ products give you and your team the edge to even the score and help manage flood waters. No more rushing to fill sand bags.

Eco-Blok™ products are ready, when you need them. Always.

  • Open field / energy management
  • Temporary water diversion
  • Gully and swale management
  • Bank stabilization and rebuilding
  • Fast deployment
  • Excellent long term use and storage

Barrier-Blok ™

Barrier-Blok™ offers 30 lbs of densely molded rubber and stores easily and for long periods of time.

  • 24"x 12"x 4"
  • Easily secured in place with rebar, stakes or epoxy
  • Will stand up to sun, rain, and repeated use.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Easy to store and move
  • Applications
    • Create walls or berms
    • Direct / redirect flow of water, mud
    • Keep water away from buildings

Eco-Bag ™

Our newest product, Eco-Bag™ made from PVC, will give you an excellent alternative to sand bags.

  • 18" x 12" x 4" with valve
  • empty weight approx 3 lbs.; ½ cubic foot capacity
  • Standard in orange, tan or white ( special colors available)
  • Can be filled with water, sand or gravel
  • Hand holds on each side
  • PVC casing will self-close after puncture.
  • Your logo or message can be added.
  • Sturdy construction will stand up to years of repeated use.


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