• Environmentally friendly solution for inlet control
  • Durable.. will last for years, not months
  • Capture solids and allow for sufficient drainage
  • ECO-BLOK™ PRODUCTS, The perfect sandbag replacement
Eco-blok inlet control
Eco-Blok Inlet Control
Eco-Blok inlet control
Eco-Blok inlet control

Drain Inlet Protection

Under federal, state and local regulations, the protection of drain inlets has become even more important. Eco-Blok ™ products give you the flexibility to design a solution that that is right for each inlet. By using Filter-Bloks™, Barrier-Bloks™ or a combination of both, you can provide a system that will capture solids and still allow for sufficient drainage.

And with increased monitoring of standing pools of water in West Nile Virus protection programs, Eco-Blok™ gives you the ability to help keep our communities safe from this dangerous health threat.

  • Holds back sediment and allows water to pass through
  • Reduces pooling and standing water
  • Can be cleaned and re-used. Just wash with a hose or power washer in an approved washout area.
  • Optional reflectors provide added visibility at night
  • Coarse and fine filter options
  • Durable; will last for years, not months.
  • Can be glued in place, if required
  • Filter-Blok ™ flow rate: 4 gallons per minute

How does it work?

Thank Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity forces the heavy particles of sediment and debris fall out of suspension in water when they hit the randomly placed particles of rubber in Eco-Blok ™. As the water is forced through towards the drain, the particles are forced out. Here is a simple look at storm water and how it reacts with our products:

STAGE ONE- Sedimentation: As runoff travels down the gutter with sediment and debris, when it first comes in contact, it will hit the Barrier Blok ™ and start settling out.

STAGE TWO- Filtration : As the water level rises, the now somewhat cleaner water comes in contact with the Filter-Blok™ that is stacked on top of the Barrier-Blok™. As hydraulic pressure forces runoff through the Filter-Blok™, many of the remaining solids are captured in the spaces between the rubber particles (don't worry, they can be washed out in an approved wash-out area when needed).

STAGE THREE- Fine Filtration: Depending on your local ordinances, you may be required to filter out sediment to a specific particle size. No problem. All you will need to do is add the appropriate fabric filter material over the drain inlet. Since the runoff now has had most of the sediment removed, you will find that the filter material will not fill up so quickly.


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