• Exciting new technology to safeguard our troops
  • Will not break down- Will last for years- Can be reused
  • Interlocking design makes installation easy- Stack, Stake or Glue
  • ECO-BLOK™ PRODUCTS, a new standard in ballistic protection

Military & Law Enforcement

For decades, sand bags, dirt and concrete have been the de facto standards for ballistic protection. No more.

Use in place of concrete; faster, lighter and easy to replace or repair.

Eco-Blok™ products provide an exciting new technology to safeguard troops and property from a variety of small to medium caliber rounds.

When a sand bag breaks in a civilian construction site, there can be a fine.
When a sand bag breaks down in a battle zone, people can die.

Count on Eco-Blok™ products
to go the distance and
stay on duty for years to come.

Check out Barrier-Blok™
and Force-Shield™
for your force protection needs.

Barrier-Blok ™

Barrier-Blok™ offers 30 lbs of densely molded rubber that can stop high-powered rounds in as little as 4 inches.

  • 24"x 12"x 4"
  • Easily secured in place.
  • Will stand up to sun, rain, and repeated use.
  • Easy to store and move
  • Applications
    • Fox hole protection
    • Shoot house / range protection
    • Temporary vehicle delineator
    • Vehicle washout areas
    • Weight and hold-down
    • Soil and mud protection

Force-Shield ™

Using our newest product Eco-Bag™, we have created a highly effective portable protection system. Each Eco-Bag™ is filled with a special blend which provides remarkable protection from bullets and shrapnel. Used in combination with Barrier-Bloks™ Force-Shield™ provides a flexible, durable added layer of protection in dangerous areas.

  • 18" x 12" x 4"
  • Standard in tan, orange or white ( special colors available)
  • Hand holds on each side
  • PVC casing will self-close after puncture.
  • Can be modified for your special needs

Rubber Panels

24" x 24" panels available in varying thickness can be attached to range walls, shoot houses and other areas.

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