• Temporary or semi-permanent retaining wals
  • Will not break down- Will last for years- Can be reused
  • Interlocking design makes installation easy- Stack, Stake or Glue
  • ECO-BLOK™ PRODUCTS, an ideal solution for retaining walls and hold backs

Retaining Wall Solutions

Barrier-Blok ™

Barrier-Blok™ offers 30 lbs of densely molded rubber
24"x 12"x 4"
Easily secured in place with rebar, stakes or epoxy
Will stand up to sun, rain, and repeated use.
Easy to store and move




Use Barrier-Blok ™ to create temporary or semi-permanent retaining or hold-back walls without the time or expense to pour foundations and demolish when you are done.

  • Can stored easily on pallets and are ready to use when needed
  • Easy to clean off and reuse
  • While the weight ( 30 lbs.) of each Blok will keep it in place in most applications, you may decide to provide additional stabilization by anchoring the product
    • Can be staked in place with rebar, metal or wood stakes, or pipe
    • Can be secured with glue or epoxy depending on the level of adhesion desired
  • Holes line up for offset stacking an staking of courses
  • Bull nose interlocking design provides excellent hold back of liquids
  • Since Eco-Blok™ products are friendly to the environment, you won't have to worry about long-term exposure.

See our Water Quality Study for details


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