• Stop using messy sandbags
  • Avoid the cleanup associated with broken sandbags
  • Use environmentally friendly Eco-Bloks™
environmentally friendly Eco-Blok the problem with messy sandbags


  • Eco-Bloks™ will not break down
  • One Eco-Bloks™ block equals two sand bags
  • Eco-Bloks™ are friendly to the environment
  • Eco-Bloks™ are strong enough to stand up to repeated vehicle crossings
  • Eco-Bloks™ can be stacked, staked and glued
  • Eco-Bloks™ can be reused again and again
  • Eco-Bloks™ offer the option to filter out sediment and allow water to flow through


The Problem with Sand bags:
  • Sand bags break down in months due to sunlight
  • Sand bags will not withstand repeated vehicle crossings
  • Sand bags are inconsistent in size and shape
  • Sand bags cannot be staked or glued in place
  • Once broken they create pollution and sediment
  • Sand bags require extra labor to clean up and move
  • Sand bags become stiff and hard over time
  • Sand bags are the most expensive way to comply with storm
    water runoff regulations

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